By Raymond Knowby


The gang laid low a whole eighteen months between productions, so you would assume they’d have used all that precious downtime wisely to whip up something spiffy. Unfortunately, aside from cosmetics, nothing evolved. The effects are absolutely top-drawer (the director, Carl Beuchler, is an ex-make up guru) but the script writing makes one wonder if they even bothered to sit down and type something out.

Tina Shepard (nice looking catalogue model Lar Park Lincoln, complete with frizzy 80’s hair) has a hidden ability–when she gets emotional, objects move by themselves. Anger brings out a dangerous side to the girl, and in an opening flashback we see her accidently drown her father in rage over a domestic battle with her mom (Susan Blu). Years later, she returns to the scene of the crime at Crystal Lake with her egocentric psychiatrist (Terry Kiser) who is secretly exploiting her to document the brewing telekineses within. Following a bad therapy session, she mistakenly uses her powers to bring back the waterlogged form of the infamous Wessex county seriel killer, who goes straight on a routine spree of hacking up partying college kids nearby.

Anything to recommend? Besides most of the effects, not really. Jason looks his best in this film–totally rotting and nasty (his spine is sticking out of his back, for goodness sakes!) There’s a Carrie-esque thing going on here while Tina battles the resident phantom, and while their climactic fight is sadly curious, the rest is just curiously sad.

Nice opening montage and title sequence, though, as usual.

Jason's just a little bit worse for wear in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VII: THE NEW BLOOD.