Posted: 23rd March 2012 by Sean Harris in Editorials

Against all rational understanding, this October will mark the 20th anniversary of THE MONTHLY RAG. To celebrate our two decades of inconsistent activities, ideally, I’d love to put out the 40th and final edition, live and on classic newsprint skin for one last hurrah on the local stands. Then we can proudly fuck right off and bury the ancient ways of black stained fingerprints entirely, retiring fully to the web to be lost in cyberspace along with everyone else’s retarded personal blogs.

It’s a promise I can’t make and guarantee to actually keep, you understand. Life in 2012 is as strange and unfriendly as it was in in ‘08, ‘09, and those other two bastard years that followed them, with our world on the fringe of a spiraling class war and the spirits of man, woman and child embattled. The economy is still right in the sewage where it was excreted and left a ways back, and the price of paper has likely gone up further than my third leg during an all female ass extravaganza.

Let’s not digress, however. How’ve you all been? Going by my own observations, a great deal of you are as screwed as I am, with relationship and monetary issues appearing to have no real end in sight. You can feel the palpable tension of desperate abandon in the air, which may perhaps be the sign of the times, or it could just mean I’ve been interacting with the wrong group of associates lately. Misery does indeed love its familiar company.

VAMPYRE is now online for your free viewing pleasure. Please check it out on youtube or our website ( and leave some feedback, and if you like it and can spare ten bucks, also kindly buy a copy so you can have it in full resolution with all the special edition bells and whistles included. We’ve still got a few left to go around, you can imagine, and don’t want to look like we’re preparing for a special Darkage Pictures episode of Hoarders.

Apologies for the wait on all the updates, but I have a reputation to maintain here, and middle age isn’t helping things along any. We’ll return again, sooner hopefully than later, so please keep checking back for more happenings.

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