Posted: 7th July 2011 by Sean Harris in Editorials

So yes, I’ve finally caved.

Since there’s no more money and issue 40 is sitting uncompleted on my layout table, my producer has graciously provided this domain name and set me loose into the screwy realm of cyberspace. I’m not sure what will become of such an exercise (much of the same way I recall feeling in 1992 when this all began on Thermo-fax), but the plan is to make archives for the existing material in print, finish various tales that were left undone, and basically keep some part of The Monthly Rag spirit living and breathing in digital form. That isn’t to say that you won’t see another ink bleeding newsprint edition in the local scene again, of course, but in the meantime and just in case all else fails this will be our regular headquarters for contact and updates.

Lots more to come, I promise, so bookmark and please keep checking in!

  1. Hali Cochran says:

    Great idea, Sean! Keep up the spirit of this newsletter! I will do all I can to keep this awesome thing alive and pulsating!!!!

  2. zelma says:

    Waiting patiently for you to come home and fuck me! https://bit.ly/3UIKI2R